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Welcome to the Portal of the Scientific Journal of Amal Insani Foundation.

In order to encourage a good scientific culture among the academic community, especially the publication of scientific papers, we as an academic community that has a concentration on the development of scientific paper publications in the form of Journals and Proceedings present the Portal of the Journal of Amal Insani. Our presence is to provide a forum for actualization for lecturers in publishing their intellectual products in the form of journals. We are open to cooperating synergistically with institutions/agencies that have the same platform and vision. All journals managed by the Amal Insani  Journal Portal are managed by academic people who are professionals and experts in the field of Journal management. The objectives to be achieved through this online publication media are: first, improving the culture of scientific publications among the academic community; second, Awards and respect for intellectual work; and third, Making the Portal of the Journal of Amal Insani one of the references for the development of science, and technology.

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Achmad Rozi El Eroy (Manager Journal)